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Boss Tone Studio for Katana Amplifiers

Import multiple patches at once

Let's face it. The Boss Katana amplifiers are awesome amplifiers. Be it the Katana head, the Katana 100/112 or Katana 100/212, or any other version, sounds are very, very good, and the versatility is unsurpassed in my humble opinion. That's why I bought it :-)
Loads of superb quality effects, very easy controls, and insane value for money. And totally customizable, sound patches wise. You can download lots of them, both paid and free, and use Boss Tone Studio to import them right into your amp. Go check out some of the links to get your hands on those sounds and be amazed.

Then there is this piece of software, Boss Tone Studio, or BTS in short, to control all of your patches and shape the sound to your likings. You can import patches, live sets and assign them to your Katana channels.

But! There's always a but... :-(
Every Boss Tone Studio user has come across this problem: you've downloaded or bought a bunch of patches for your Katana, you open up BTS, hit the import button and start selecting patches.... and then you notice only one at a time is possible...
Well, that's not nice, to say the least. I too have come across this problem, and it... well, I didn't like it :-)

That's why I built this little, but handy tool. You can select multiple files (.tsl), upload them, and a new set is created containing all your patches.
You can then import that complete set into Boss Tone Studio, and voila, everything is nice and easy available to you. Saves you about 10000 clicks every time.

Feel free to use this tool. It is however provided to you 'as is', so no guarantees (yet?). I've tested it myself of course, for my Boss Katana 100 112 (mark I) and it does the job very well. If you see some faulty things going on, please drop me an email (guitartonesdude at gmail dot com), and I will look into it once I have the time.
Besides that, I really would like to know if this tool also works for other BTS-devices, like the GT-series, or the Katana Mark II. I think it does, but if not please let me know!

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